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2017 was an exciting year for us all at Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joćo Grande! A special congratulations to the newly appointed Students as they continue to plant the seeds of Capoeira Angola:

In Nairobi, Kenya with Contra-Mestre Salim

In Champaign, Illinois, US with Contra-Mestre Denis Chiaramonte and Professora Aisha

At the main academia in New York with Contra-Mestre Bujćo

2010 will be a year to remember. It was a year marking Mestre João Grande's amazing 60 years in Capoeira & 20 years of his teachings in New York City. 2010 also marked very significant dates in Capoeira history as Mestre Joćo Grande bestowed special recognition to his students.

Mestre Cooper (on October 24, 2010) joined a very select group of individuals to receive high distinction from Mestre João Grande. Mestre Cooper become the first individual from the United States to be recognized, as well as the second MESTRE (after Mestre Moraes) who has officially been given this high honor by Mestre Joćo Grande. Earlier in the year Mestre Joćo Grande recognized other individuals as Contra-Mestre; Jurandir Santos (on April 18, 2010), and Marcos Albuquerque (on November 14, 2010). These individuals have been recognized for their continued devotion and dedication to the preservation of the traditional roots of Capoeira Angola. Mestre Joćo Grande also officially recognized Risadinha as COA of The Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joćo Grande (April 25, 2010).

Filming of Sydney Pollack's 'The Interpreter' with João Grande and Students, March 2004

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video clip thumbnailNPR feature about João Grande
By Christopher Johnson